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There are a lot of t-shirts and brands out there. Before we began this project we had to make sure we weren’t just adding to the noise. We asked ourselves a hard question: What makes us different from the rest?
We came up with one simple answer: We’re making clothes for individuals.

Every day guys (as well as girls) spend enormous amounts of time in their t-shirts, so it’s important that they’re comfortable with it and it fits their needs. Most of the t-shirts we’ve found are either poorly made and flimsy or cater towards the masses who simply want ‘low cost’.

The poorly made t-shirt have a whole host of nagging issues, mainly due to the fact that the designs aren’t well thought out. We’ve seen t-shirts that stretch after one wash, t-shirts that have no fit and look like curtains when worn on, proportions which are not meant for locals, complicated buying processes and mediocre customer experiences to name a few.

T-shirts for basic day-to-day are aplenty, and most of them are pretty good. They’re usually built with high quality fabric which is also quite heavy and uncomfortable to be in the whole day. The problem with this is that many of us don’t need such high quality material to feel comfortable in what we wear.

And that’s where Kamisa comes in.

We’re dedicated to putting together high quality basics that cater to those of us who want to let our minds meander through the gardens of our thoughts. Comfort which does not sacrifice on style and ready to go with you wherever you go, always having your back.

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    1. Hey Shavin, that’s actually an amazing idea and we’ve explored it as well. So far we haven’t found the right yarn material to pull this off for basics. But we’ll definitely keep you posted when we do!

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