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About Us

Basic, minimalist t-shirts you can trust.

What we believe

Basic, minimalist t-shirts you can trust.

We believe in creating something you can wear anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing comfort. At Kamisa, it’s not only our job to something durable yet breathable, but our responsibility to make sure you feel good when you wear it. We do this through our products, through the platform we have, and the community we create. In fact, before selling a single t-shirt, we made it a priority to speak to individuals like you to find out the struggles of finding the perfect t-shirt. If you’ve bought anything from Kamisa, we consider you part of the family and would love to hear your thoughts. The world is a shared place – together, we can leave it better than we found it.

Our Mission

To create a article of clothing that’s not “smart,” but thoughtful, with features that solve everyday problems and premium materials chosen to be resilient and beautiful.

Quite simply: everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Our Vision

At Kamisa, we are our own customers. We live the lifestyle. We are as authentic as it gets. Our promise is to keep you current with our styles, confident with the quality and ready for action with our versatility.

The Founder

Without really knowing a thing about running a clothing brand, we dove head first and put our all into Kamisa. Our care and attention is in the little details which really make the best products stand out.

We must have got something right, because Kamisa has gone from strength to strength.


Obsessed with service

Retail shopping should be as comfy as crawling into bed. We personally hate long lines and complicated processes so we're keeping things simple.

Setting a new standard

We believe in creating products based on real customer needs and feedback. The result? The most innovative clothin products that no one else had ever dreamed possible.

Bringing joy to a tired industry

Focused on ways to turn complaints into smiles — one well-dresses person at a time.
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