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The creation of this blog and the writing of this post are two more baby steps towards making Kamisa a reality.

Our goal is to create a article of clothing that is your best friend, your right hand man (or woman), the yin to your yang. It’s a t-shirt that’s comfortable enough to go everywhere you do and stylish enough to work in all day long, whether at home, work, school, or in a spaceship.

Everything we do is shaped by three rules:

  1. Less is more. We want our clothes to be simple. It shouldn’t be covered with branding, design, or anything else. We want this to feel like it’s your piece of clothing, not ours.
  2. Reflect the process. Idea-generation is iterative, it’s an ebb and flow of torment and elation, of order and chaos, discipline and impulse. The way we design, present, and develop our clothes should respect that.
  3. Listen to the people. Our decisions have been informed by our own experience and from talking to everyday people from around the world. Every aspect of the t-shirt has been highly considered, including the dimensions, materials, thickness, and colour.Support for our project in just these last few weeks has been tremendous. We thank all of you for your kind words, suggestions, and inspiring ideas. You’re motivating us to keep taking those baby steps every day.

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