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When it comes to simple everyday things like t-shirts, the subtleties make all the difference. Every t-shirt is comprised of the same simple elements; collar, body, sleeve & hem. So crafting a stellar product occurs in optimizing the small variances of each.

We’ve been taking a hard look at these elements as they pertain to comfort & style. Over the last few months we’ve opened dialogs with dozens of people around the globe and asked them one simple question: What do you like in a t-shirt?

The response has been tremendous. So far we’ve honed in on four important subtleties that we think will make all the difference:

  • Buttery Soft
  • Quality Lasting Material
  • Smart Dimensions
  • Plenty O’ Washes

Over the next few days we’re going to explain each subtlety. We’ll be posting all of our updates to @getkamisa stay tuned!

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